Q. Can I also compete as solo?
A. Yes! You can perform as solo artists. The competition is based on solo competition only.

Q. Can I also compete as group?
A. No, only solo performance is allowed. Group dance is not being allowed.

Q. This event is only for NGO’s Peoples?
A. Yes! This event is specifically organized for NGOs by Zenith Dance Institute.

Q. When I will know that I am selected on not?
A. Zenith Dance Institute will send an email or call to announce the list of shortlisted contestant to the respective NGOs. Please get in touch with your NGO for more information related to the event.

 Q. Is there is any special dance form that needs to be presented at the competition?
A. No, you can prepare any dance performance on any song in any dance style.

Q. Where is the exact location of the Audition and competition?
A. Zenith will send the details of the venue to NGO by email or call.

Q. I noticed a mistake in the schedule. What do I do?
A. Contact us on +91-9999994636 / +91-9999998858 or email us on info@zenithdancetroupe.com.

Q. Where can I find Zenith rules?
A. Find the details at: https://zenithdancecontest.wordpress.com/2016/08/24/rules-and-regulations/

Q. Will you provide dressing room space at the final event?
A. Yes! We will assign a dressing room space at the auditorium. Any of our staff members will gladly show you where your dressing area is located.

Q. Where do I bring my props for the competition?
A. When you arrive please talk to the backstage team, they will help you to locate the prop area.

Q. What do I need to do for winning the event? How is it judged?
A. As a solo artist, you will have to enter from each NGO and compete against one another. Each contestant will be scored against the performance by the judges at the event. The score is based on the performer’s overall performance ability, personality and entertainment skills in addition to technique.

Q. What are your fees?
A. No fees is charged on the participants/contestants.

What’s your mailing address? Phone number? Fax?
Zenith Dance Institute,
282, 2nd Floor, Opposite Venkateshwara College,
Satya Niketan, New Delhi -21.
Phone Nos: 011-24672453 or mail us at roopa@zenithdancetroupe.com
Where and when will results be posted?
The results will be announced at the event.

Do I bring my own costumes?
Yes, you will have to bring your own costumes.

Am I allowed to take pictures during the competition?
Yes, you are allowed to take pictures of the events.

Am I allowed to videotape during the competition?
Yes, you can videotape using smart phone at the event.

How do I go about submitting my competition music?
You might want to seek help from your NGO to select the music.

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