Rules and Regulations


  • This competition is open to youth between the age group of 14-24 years.
  • Each contestant will be performing solo for the event. Each contestant will be given a timeslot of 2-3 minutes to showcasing their performance.
  • Contestants should be able to provide valid proofs so that their application is accepted by Zenith Dance Institute.


  • All contestants are required to provide photo identification – which may include PAN CARD, Voter ID card, Aadhar Card as proof, upon request from the organizer.
  • Shortlisted individuals would be notified four days before the main event via email and phone call.
  • Participating members do not pay any fees for registering or for participating in the competition.
  • Each person should submit a Release of Liability Form and Waiver from liability for any accident or injury occurring before, during or after the competition, prior to the competition.



  • The theme of the competition is promoting ‘dancing’. Participating contestants would have no limitation to the dance genre.
  • The dance should be completed within the stipulated timing of 3 mins (maximum). The timing of dance would start with first movement, note of music, voice, or any other sound that comes first.
  • Participation in the competition and performance of any dangerous choreography will be entirely at the dancers’ own risk.


  • Costume that suggests nudity, exposure or obscenity has been strictly prohibited in this competition. Zenith Dance Institute reserves the right for terminating the participation of the dancers whose costumes are deemed inappropriate.


  • Each participating contestants should provide their own music or song.
  • In the final stages – at the final day of the event – contestants will have to submit the music to Zenith Dance Institute, two days before the event.
  • The chosen music or song should be of high quality.
  • There is no restriction on the music or songs that is used for performance. However, the choice of music or song would become a part of judging criteria.
  • The lyrics of the music should not have religiously sensitive content. It should also not promote gangs, abuse of any kind or racism.


  • Competition will be held on stage. At the audition stages – the competition would be held in the NGO itself.
  • The judges would be visiting the NGOs for short-listing contestants.


  • Evaluation by Judges: Each judge in the panel will evaluate performances based on the following criteria:
    • Choreography (dance arrangements, concept)
    • Originality (incorporating unique and original/creative moves)



  • Transportation: Transportation arrangement will be done for the participating contestants for final day for coming to the venue.
  • Meal: Meals to be provided by Zenith Dance Institute to the participants at the venue of the final event.


  • The judges’ decision will be considered final and no appeal will be entertained.
  • Zenith Dance Institute will not be held responsible for any expenditure incurred by any participating artists or the NGO.
  • Zenith Dance Institute reserves all rights to amend the rules and regulations without prior notice.
  • All activities will continue and updates would be given to the participants. In the event of natural calamity or government imposition of cancellation, competition may be suspended or terminated. For other reasons as well as deemed essential by Zenith Dance Institute, those which are unavoidable, might cancel the competition.
  • Announcement of the results of the competition will be done at the end of competition. The winning contestant must be present for the prize presentation ceremony for receiving the award.

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